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I’m A Freelancer Web Designer Graphic Designer

I’m a Freelancing Web & Graphic Designer. I strives to build immersive
and beautiful web applications through carefully crafted code and
user-centric design.

Ergonomics Simplicity Consistency

for Web

Work Flow

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1. Explore

I put myself in your (users) shoes in order to understand your needs.
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2. Frame

We define together the framework of the experience and will begin to formalize the user journey.
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3. Imagine

We will generate several ideas.

Work Flow

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4. Design

Now the actual design process starts
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5. Testing

Design analysis with real users in order to optimize and validate the solution.
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6. Deployment

Hurray !!!
You Are good to go !!!

Why ME

Monthly Payment Terms

Running a Business includes risk factor
so pay as you Go !!!

Builds Trust

Building Relations instead of Sales !!!

Versatile & Flexible

Each Business needs personalization

Custom Development

Each Project Is Designed From Scratch
No Copy Paste Work

Hosting Solution

Never Settle For Less Than THE Best

Hosting a website is just similar to buying a PROPERTY in Real World
Just with one difference your BUSINESS lives there instead of YOU !!!

Business Mail Solution

Custom solution like : [email protected]

Complimentary custom E-mail solution to enhance your business presence.


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I am Vivek Chhikara

And this is My Story

Born and brought up in An Army Family. So I got an opportunity to explore the different parts of the nation from deserted land to snow covered mountains.

Since childhood I was attracted to technology which became my passion to profession.

I remember when I got my 1st pc in 8th standard I just opened all its parts and reassembled out of curiosity.

Since then I started exploring and learning about the different aspects of technology.

From there my journey started, where I explored different areas of technology which became a part of my life.


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